Cloudflare is a company that provides online content delivery services, DDoS mitigation services, Internet security services, and distributed domain name server services, distributed by the BAKOTECH group of companies in Ukraine and the CIS.


Cloudflare Enterprise Plan

provides our state-of-the-art tools, support, and reporting for the rapid development of organizations around the world.

Why should you consider the Cloudflare Enterprise Plan?

Cloudflare is a global cloud platform that offers businesses of all sizes a network as a service (NaaS), making them more secure, improving the performance of their mission-critical applications and networks, and facilitating remote employee access.

Choosing a "successful
offers "

Cloudflare - standard and premium offers give you the opportunity to attract product experts and strategic advisors to help you achieve your business and technical goals.

Guaranteed reliability and uptime

Although we never expect downtime, we provide liberal loans for a monthly fee in case of downtime (10x credit for standard offer; 25x for Premium offer).

Exclusive access to products and features

Get exclusive access to enterprise-class security and performance functionality for all your applications, networks, and teams.

Reducing the cost of services when grading the package

Cloudflare Success offers customers a success experience with simple, predictable prices that reduce the total cost of ownership.

DDoS protection with Cloudflare

In this complex world, let something be simple. For example, your cloud infrastructure with Cloudflare Enterprise Plan. Cloudflare solutions include Bot Management tools, web application protection, access control, and application speed.

We can:

Help reduce downtime by optimizing resources

Ensure general availability of applications

Protect from unauthorized access to information

Increase productivity and safety

Protect internal resources and control users

Protection against DDoS-attacks at the level of applications and networks

Try the Cloudflare Enterprise Plan,with which you can optimize the work of your own services and protect them from DDoS-attacks

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